Feb. 25th, 2015

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It's that time again!

This is an interest post for a short term (between 8 and 12 weeks) Hunger Game/Battle Royale style game. The game would likely begin around March 8. The game would operate on a one week = one day schedule, with multiple deaths per IC day. There would be mod facilitation in planning deaths, but otherwise, the game would rely on players consistently tagging and participating. To that end, our activity expectation would be that everyone is around and tags most nights out of a week. Characters will die, but there will be things to do in the graveyard, and we'll hope players will participate in that, too.

The main clincher is that in this game, everyone will be paired with 1 person they already know. It can be a canonmate, a CRAU, or an AU buddy. This will be like the districts in Hunger Games - you may already know this person well, or you may not know them at all, but you know whether they're an ally or not that they're the one from back home. We'd like to start facilitating people figuring out who to bring in as a buddy.

This post is neither a reserve nor a commitment. It's only to help us get the vaguest possible sense of people's interest. But if you are interested, do us a favor and fill this out?

Please use this post for matchmaking!


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