siz: ([junko])
Siz Q. Sizworth ([personal profile] siz) wrote2014-09-14 01:55 pm

Murder Game Interest Post


This is an interest post for people interested in playing in a short term (2-3 weeks) murder game! It will probably be a mafia (werewolf, whatever you want to call it) based game with a few twists. Activity will be necessary, but it shouldn't be as rigorous as games like Murder Manor wound up requiring. Our goal would be to set a few specific times per week where we'd like people to be around, and you should be able to make some (but not all) of those times, but otherwise backtagging.

I'm not yet clear on whether we'll be allowing second characters; it will depend on the structure and the interest. But in order for us to work on the structure, I need to have some idea of a general range of the amount of players we'll be expecting.

So this is neither a reserve nor a commitment. It's only to help us get the vaguest possible sense of people's interest. But if you are interested, do us a favor and fill this out?

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